I have a confession…

2013presspicWelcome to my site — I’m glad you found me. Before we get on to my confession, here’s a little about me.

I write about MONEY: personal finance, teaching couples, kids, young and old about their individual economies –SMALL BUSINESS MARKETING and BLOGGING (set up and content) with expertise in REAL ESTATE, MOTGAGE and ESCROW.  Aditionally, I write about TRAVEL: tour guides for iTunes Apps – hotels, resorts, vacation spots and romantic journeys – HOW-TO articles about GRAND PARENTING, GARDENING, WRITING; fiction and non-fiction and MORE, so much more.

Now, on to my confession…

I have a door fetish. Yep, a door fetish. I know, I should be embarrassed to say it out loud, right?

But I’m not. Besidcroppedgreen gatees, we all have something that bubbles our interest and pricks our brow, so for me it’s doors; old, black lacquered, iron or wood, arched, painted, cracked – you name it if I see a door I want to touch it and then I want to know what’s behind it, who entered, who left or was left behind, lost or deserted, abandoned or found.
Why do I have a fetish for doors? Because to me every door represents a story; there are legends behind old doors, down historic alleys, cobbled streets and broke-down buildings – and I want to know what they are.
I write much the way I travel, looking for some spark that peaks my interest. Whether its travel, tour guides, relocation pamphlets, product or customer reviews or any other form of writing, it all begins with a door, that entrée to a story. And everyone loves a good story. Right?
As a writer it’s my job to search for the most interesting narrative. Why? Because stories sell. After all, wouldn’t you rather buy a door from someone who knew the difference between a Classic Medieval, Baroque, Tudor, Gothic or a pine door with a brass knob? I would.
What stories do you need to tell? Just show me to the door – you know I meant that metaphorically, right? – and I’ll find the story that makes it sell.


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